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LEEMAT Aerogel 

LEEMAT Aerogel blanket hydrophobic

LEEMAT Aerogel insulation blanket thermal testing

Super Nano Silica Aerogel Now Available

Known as frozen smoke, solid smoke, solid air or blue smoke, aerogel is the best thermal insulator and the lightest solid of any present-known substance in that over 90% of its volume is constituted of air in extremely tiny nano-pores while the rest is composed of clusters interwined with three-dimensional, small silica solids.
After years of continual research and study, LEEMAT developed an economical approach to produce aerogel that can be used for industrial insulation as well as other purposes.

·Unsurpassed Insulation Performance
·Excellent Light Diffusion
·Excellent Physical Stability
·High Porosity and Specific Surface Area
·Extremely Low Density and Nano Pore Size
·Allowed for Acoustic Performance Improvement
·Extremely Low Thermal Conductivity
Suitable for the production of insulation materials with excellent thermal insulation
·Unique Nano-structure
Suitable for new-style gas filtration materials
·High Specific Surface Area
Suitable for super energy storage materials or catalyst carrier
·High Porosity
Suitable for the production of cushion materials which are capable of capturing high-speed particles in space by “soft landing”
Physical Properties

Product Form Particle or Powder
Bulk Density 40 ~ 150 kg/m3
Particle Size Range >0.5mm
Surface Area 500 ~ 600 m2/g
Porosity >90%
Pore Diameter 20 ~ 100nm
Hydrophobic Yes or No

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