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Roving For Automotive Headliner

Product Description

LEEMAT A616 automotive headliner roving is specially designed for a high-performance assembled roving for Spray-Up process, compatible with unsaturated polyester (UP), vinylester (VE) and polyurethane (PU) resin.

Main Features

Low fuzz, low fly and static;

High Stiffness;

Excellent dispersibility and easy chopping;

Fast and effective wet out, rapid air release.

Technical Specification

Product Code Fiber Type Linear Density
Filament Diameter
Stiffness Moisture Content
Ignition Loss
A616 2400 E-glass 2400 13 135+/-15 ≤0.10 1.35+/-0.15
A616 4800 E-glass 4800 13 135+/-15 ≤0.10 1.35+/-0.15