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LEEMAT Aerogel Blanket — LA1000B Series

High Performance Insulation Blanket for High-Temp Industrial Applications
LEEMAT LA1000B Series Aerogel Blanket is a high performance insulation blanket composed of silica aerogel, which is the lowest thermal conductive solid in the world, and of special high temperature fiber blanket, suitable for the high temperature industrial applications between 0to +1000.
Being super low thermal conductive, hydrophobic(only applicable for hydrophobic version) yet vapor permeable, compression resistant, inorganic and inflammable profile, easy processing with reduced volume, and environmentally safe, LEEMAT LA1000B Series Aerogel Blanket is the state-of-art product which is the perfect choice for those in need of the best insulation performance with minimum thickness while achieving minimum energy consumption.
Characteristics and Benefits

·Superior Insulation Performance
2~5 times better insulation performance than traditional materials, achieving same and even better insulation performance with minimum insulation thickness
·Vapor Permeability
Water repellency(only applicable for hydrophobic version) and vapor permeability help to prevent Corrosion Under Insulation(CUI)
·Compression Resistant yet Resilient
Flexibility and bounce-back allow recovering thermal performance after being compressed
·Inorganic and Inflammable Profile
Enables stable performance over long term while providing fire protection to objects
·Easy for Handling and Installation
Can be cut on site easily with conventional cutting tools to fit any special shape or geometry
·Less Volume for Storage and Transportation
Less volume needed for insulation materials sharply reduces volume and cost for storage and transportation
·Environmentally Safe
No respirable fiber content, directly landfill disposable
·Steam pipelines in petroleum production, pre-insulated pipes
·Power plants, petrochemical plants, chemical plants
·Tanks and containers
·Ovens and furnaces
·Trains and vehicles
·All high temperature industrial applications
Physical Properties

Product Form Roll
Standard Thickness 6mm
Length andWidth 1200mm
Thermal Conductivity 0.022w/m·k (at 25)
Max Use Temperature 1000
Density 220 ± 20 kg/m3
Hydrophobic No or Yes
Thermal Conductivity

GB/T10294-2008 and GB/T10295-2008 Results