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Wind power

Time: 2018-11-07 14:51

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Sep 24th, Airbus Helicopters views the support for wind farms as a business segment that is undergoing global growth and expects demand for up to a thousand helicopters over the coming two decades, corresponding to revenues of approximately €9 billion. 


“Helicopters are an integral part of any logistics concept for offshore wind farms,” says Dennis Bernitz, Head of Western Europe Sales. “Our helicopters can complete missions for wind farms in a particularly quick, economical, safe and environmentally friendly manner. Helicopters can be used to deploy technicians or medical personnel in emergencies, even in rough seas, and can also transport operating personnel between the shore and the wind farm.” More information from Airbus.
For Wind Power Industry, LEEMAT also can support Perforated Release Film, Vacuum Bagging Film, Release Cloth and Sealing Tape etc.,