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Borax Pentahydrate(SINOBOR 21)

Glass wool produced from glass fi bers which are liquidized by heat and converted into an ergonomic structure, achieves a strong and durable structure with additional boron oxide content during the production phase. Glass wool, which is effectively used in heat and sound insulation, is produced in various forms such as blankets, sheets, pipes and casting. It is used on the inner surfaces of walls and concrete, stairs and elevator spaces, in wood, metal and snap fittings, in air conditioner and roof blankets, inexternal insulation, industrial pipes, heating systems, central heating systems and etc. areas. Glass wool which does not mould, does not scatter, does not decay, does not corrode and rust, is resistant to temperature and moisture and additionally, it can not be deformed by pests and micro-organisms

Component Unit Specifications
B2O3 % 48-49.35
Equivalent Na2B4O7.5H2O % 100.42-103.24
Na2O % 21.37-21.95
SO4 ppm Max 135
Cl ppm Max 70
Fe ppm Max 3
Insolubles in Water ppm 150