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AR Roving Glass By Spray-Up H712

Product Description

LEEMAT H712 is an Alkali Resistant fiberglass roving mainly used in GFRC (Glass fi ber Reinforced Cement)gypsum and otherorganic and inorganic materials by spray up process. It is used in the manufacture of building, civil construction, agriculture and fishing industry, environment decoration, chemical industry and other cement or gypsum component parts.

Main Features

High stiffness;

Good strand integrity;

Easy chopping, no fuzz and loose fiber;

Excellent alkali resistant;

Excellent dispensability.

Technical Specification
Product Code Fiber Type Linear Density (Tex)
Filament Diameter
Breaking Strength ZrO2 content Size Content (%)
H712A AR-glass 2400 16 ≥600 14.5% 1.5~1.8
H712B AR-glass 2400 16 ≥600 16.8% 1.5~1.8