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Compound Base (B-CB Series)

Description of LEEMAT Compound Base

LEEMAT Compound Base is made of recycled fabric material and fiberglass mesh. The fiberglass mesh is enforced to recycled fabric together, which aims at increasing the tensile strength.
Mainly used as substrates for water-proof roofi ng materials. It is characterized by corrosion resistance, dimensional stability, high tensile strength, water resistance, high porosity and easy saturation by bitumen. 

Application of LEEMAT Compound Base

Carrier for asphalt shingle; 
Carrier for waterproofi ng membrane;
Reinforcement for road construction;
Other reinforcement usage.

Package of LEEMAT Compound Base

Each roll is wrapped with PP woven bag, 117 rolls are put into 1x40FCL without wooden pallets. Based on quantity, special package is available.

Technical Data of Compound Base

Item Area Weight Mesh Tensile Strength(MD) Tensile Strength(CMD) Shrinkage (230℃) RollSize Loading Quantity
Unit g/m2   N/5cm N/5cm % m x m M2/40FCL

90g 4X4 350 250 <1.0 1.0x1400 163800
100g 5X5 400 200 <1.0 1.0x1300 152100
110g 5X5 500 450 <1.0 1.0x1250 142650
120g 6X6 550 350 <1.0 1.0x1200 140400
120g 6X6 550 500 <1.0 1.0x1200 140400
130g 7X7 600 500 <1.0 1.0x1150 134550
140g 5X5 700 600 <1.0 1.0x1100 128700