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LEEMAT Coated Glass Veil for Ceiling Tiles Application(Facer) LX-CT125/LX-CT180

Improve Ceiling Aesthetics
LEEMAT Coated Glass veils for ceiling application are engineered to create a smooth surface with improved brightness &whiteness for the aesthetically conscious. Traditional ceiling materials, like un- faced wet felt, also fade over time. LEEMAT Glass Veil Facers have been proven to retain nearly 97% of their light reflectance, even after 220 days of simulated sun exposure.

Wipeable, Mold &Mildew Resistant
Engineered to create a wipeable surface with mold & mildew protection and excellent acoustics. Excellent choice for hospitals, universities and offices.
Flame & Smoke Protection
Third party igniablity testing showed that LEEMAT coated glassmat veils for ceiling application will not ignite or carry flame.